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Friday, December 28, 2012

Its been long since i posted something in this blog. Have been busy for the year 2012. My exams for 2nd semester was not that well, i guess i have to buck up and change my mindset to study mode. Studies and studies i gonna be more hardworking anymore and not fool around as next year is gonna be my last year.

During December Holiday, Went for 4D3N Youth Leadership Camp. It was really an awesome camp as i get to experience many things that i dont experience it in Singapore the city. Example: Peeing in the forest without toilet, walking for long distance around Palua Ubin with HEAVY BIG Bags and Heavy Rains , sleeping in the tent with the rain and many more. It is good experience and i hope to go again...

After the camp, went over to TAIWAN with my cousin and families. Total there is 4 families and we all had loads of fun. During the first 6 days, went to many attractions and it was really beautiful and nice. After the 6 days, it is free and easy so went to shop everyday from day to night. Keep eating , shopping and sleeping.... is so fattening. But overall is fun, hope to go korea or other country next holiday trip. Going Genting next week and school is going to start soon.

2012 is going to be OVER !!! 3 more days and 2013 is going to arrive. I will be having my countdown @ Tampines Stadium to volunteer for the celebration event. Is it a good start of 2013 in volunteering for the event? I guess it is.

My Wishes for 2013:
1. Everyone to have a good health
2. Family get more bonding
3. Meet more friends and get close to them
4. Study hard and get at least GPA 3 and above
5. Have the courage and confident
6. Have more recruit in Daiko Team
7. Be more social
8. Volunteer in events
9. Work in KPOP events
11. Find my Mr Right
12. Courage to tell him
14. More talkative

Thats all for my wishes. YEAY~~~~

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey !! Its been long since i blogged. How's everyone ?

Its holiday now but i don't feel like it is a holiday because everyday i am busy due to school's project. Made new friends in Higher Nitec and everyone is quite nice. Just know each other for few months but it seems like a few years. With nice friends inside, i am able to study well which is a good thing. Ever since i step into Higher Nitec, is not as relaxed as Nitec days. Is totally a two different things but i am able to cope it. Hoping to be able to cope it well and study hard for my exams.

Have continued my korean language studies from basic till now where i am learning is advance stage. Is pretty difficult but is good that i manage to survive and go through all this hardship till now. Every lesson is just pass so fast because we were always laughing. In the class, we were like families rather then teacher and students. I wish i am able to cope with it and continue to learn. Recently i have taken up hip-hop dance lesson. Is pretty fun too and the thing is i have to memorize those steps, it would be difficult but i would not give up because is so fun and is kind of relaxed your mind when taking up lessons. 

My ITE awesome friends.

I love to take pictures. Again i love to take photos. Therefore i would love to gain more experience in taking photos or video. Its just a hobby so i hope i am able to get into different events and take many loads of photo and get paid. 
Elizabeth Photography

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Pass by so fast that i am going to start school soon. 

School is going to start which means its a new start for me.What's my goals ? My goals for my Higher Nitec is getting Scholarship, NYAA Gold and LKY Award. I am going to aim for these three by the end of higher nitec. Therefore i am going to tell myself, i am going to study very hard everyday and get good grades. FIGHTING !! My career what will it be ? Sometimes i really wonder, is it going to be a policewomen ? or become a family of bringing kpop in and get close to them ? I dont know, but now i have to get the goals that i have planned and strive for it. I am going to get a Diploma and a Degree if possible in order i can get a good job in future and will not let my family suffer.

I am going to make new friends too. I hope i am able to find a best friend which we both trust each other and have the same personality. I am searching ~~ But nevertheless i will not forget my old friends okay ? Let's stay in contact forever and ever. 

Its a great day out with Desiree Lim,Desiree Fel,Joycelyn,HanRu and Triston. Went to Marina Barrage to fly kite and have picnic. Its really very fun because there is so many laughter and Joy. Great Day out, Let's have another day out again.


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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hello, School is starting soon ? Yes I've got into Business Admin in Simei ITE and starting school in April. Thats really fast and i hope it come fast because i have been at home for few months already. Recently went to work for Super Show 4 in Singapore Indoor Stadium. The feeling was really really awesome. I manage to get close to Siwon, Lee Teuk and every members. Get to know some korean guys too. Super Junior is really very nice as Eun Hyuk bow to me when i was standing there up close. I will never forget the moment where i am so near to super junior than other fans. 

After one week, went for Boyfriend and Sistar Fanmeet in Suntec Convention Centre. First day, went to arrival to fetch them and follow by went to stalk them. Get the most fanservice where our van was droven by Uncle Roy. It was really awesome and i met B.O.P from thailand. They are really handsome and nice guys. From there i get to know them well and when they are going to depart from singapore, i went over to airport to send them off. It was really great as i manage to get their signature and take a close picture with them. They are know English and Chinese so i am able to communicate with them. Kind of missing them because they are very cute and nice. They are DJ from Pynk98fm ( Thailand ). Have been listening to them and watching them through online webcam everyday. Everyday get the replies from them is really good. Seeing them through online makes me so happy. How i hope korea people also have this kind of things.Have been sleeping very very late because of watching them. I miss B.O.P. I told myself, one day i will go over to thailand to look for them and make good friends with them. Gonna be great fan of them. 

BY THE WAY !! I HAVE GRADUATE FROM TOURISM COURSE. CONGRATS. BUT Higher Nitec is starting ~~ I think im gonna study hard and concentrate on studies first. I am aiming to get a scholarship, NYAA GOLD and LKY Award if i can. FIGHTING !! Wishes everything will be fine and get to meet nice friends. HEY FRIENDS, Please keep contact with each other okay. REALLY ~~~


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Monday, February 6, 2012

안녕하세요 !!

ITS 2012, Therefore its a new beginning and a new start of a year. I have been having fun and enjoying myself at the KICK start of the year.Its going to be a great year ahead. What's my resolution of the year ?? 

Resolution : 
(1) Be Confidence in myself in whatever i do
(2) Study hard and get into the course that i want
(3) Be more open minded to my friends
(4) Look for a true best friend who i can share my thoughts to
(5) Get a DSLR Camera/ IPAD
(6) Go on diet and lose weight 
(7) Lovely friends and family to have a healthy health
(8) Get close to my friends
(9) Be more socialize to everyone 
(10) Master my Korean Language 

That's all for my resolutions. Hope i will be able to get all this and wish it will come true. 

Currently i am waiting for my results and going for my April intake course, Which i hope it will be Event Management. Its all about friends again. I don't understand why i cant find a best friend who is there for me, talk to me. I have a best friend last time, its been 6 years of best friend and now suddenly she changed a lot. And we both do not communicate well and i don't think she want to continue this friendship. Whenever we meet and talk, she will just either ignore or hit my head. I don't think this is what i need, what i need is just a best best friend forever who is there for me, accompany me wherever i go and be there for me when i need her/him. Is it that hard to fulfill all this ? Have been few years, could not be able to find it because true friends is hard to find. But i still have friends who is there for me too for all this years. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. I love to see idols and therefore i hope one day im able to get near and work with them. 



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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello, I think i need to learn korean language as soon as possible. I have decided to sign up for classes and hope i am in with my friends. Why i want to learn is because i want to communicate with korean guys. Recently added few korean guys that i have know through the MAMA2011 event. It was awesome and i want to make friend with them. Close friend will do, but the problem lies between us is communication. So i have to learn and talk to them correctly in korea Langugage. FIGHTING !! 

Oh Yea !! I went to the Mnet Asia Music Award 2011 (MAMA) and it was awesome. I was screaming like hell , enjoying myself inside. I went with Shi Xuan, Li Min (Cousin), Shi Ling, Shi Min, Sophia, Michelle and Felicia. They were all younger then me except Shi Xuan is same age as me. It was awesome going with them and going crazy with them. But i am like the oldest, somehow i feel weird but they are quite crazy in KPOP which i love that. On the concert, All the artists are so handsome. I keep looking and looking , Screaming and Screaming. I was so high that i even some how going to become a fan of Beast, SuperJunior, 2NE1, SNSD and Simon D. An awesome night meeting the winner of the shuffle contest for MAMA. Get to know them and added them on facebook. This is why i am so sad because we have problems communicating with each other. Therefore i am going to learn korean language fast. Will post some Sundown Festival and MAMA 2011 pictures. 

 MAMA 2011

 Shuffle Contest Winner

 Cute Oppa

Hey Guys. I have changed, everyone also change. I don't wish to change but KPOP change me. I fall in love with Korean Idols because they are just too cute and awesome. But this is just a dream, i wont stay in my dream forever. I will just wake up one day. PULL ME BACK ~~~ 


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

THE MOST HAPPY DAY I EVER HAD. Had never been stalked IDOLS and today is the day. Went stalking with Shi Min and Other Fans. Was really awesome. Waited outside Marina Madarin Hotel for Teentop and we saw VIVID too. The both groups keep going up and down the hotel , IN and OUT the conference room. VIVID was awesome. They are a japan band group and they seems like no fans ?? But we saw them and SARANGHAE to them. Either IV or Ko-Ki SARANGHAE Back. 

Around 7.15pm, Teentop set off their journey from Hotel to Novena Square 2. So on the journey, IT WAS DAMN AWESOME. Bus and my van was like SIDE BY SIDE. We all put all our banner/Board up and L.Joe/Ricky Wave at us alot of times. Was so excited. Went to the other side, Niel was there and i put up my board and he pretend never see :( So the boys are playing inside, C.A.P was taking short nap (SO CUTE). So when they alight, we all alight and RUN IN. So run and the WHOLE NOVENA SQUARE2 is FULL OF PEOPLE. We was like going up and down the escalator holding up our board. So while im going UP, I hold my paper up ( Niel Name on it ), Niel just TURN UP and suddenly he GUN AT ME. I was like ..... I GUN BACK HIM and HE GUN BACK AGAIN. I WAS LIKE OMFG ~~~ NIEL REMEMBER ME.I WAS HOLDING that paper at the VAN and let him see. HE SAW ME but his face maintain the SAME. Around 15minutes, the fan sign over and quickly we want to run out of the mall to look for our van and we cant get out. As the security block us so we need to stay there till they go off then we can go. So they walk pass and say bye. I TOOK UP MY PAPER AND I GUN AT NIEL WHEN HE WALK PASS, HE SAW AND GUN BACK. I WAS LIKE OMG ~~~ NIEL NIEL NIEL. After that we rush back to the van and back to hotel.

Went back and went they alight. NO SECURITY BLOCKING. We rush in other side and was so near NIEL. I called him, NIEL NIEL he turn and wave. OMG !! After that all went to Marina Square and come down from the hotel. We went to the lobby and going out to find the van, we SAW VIVID come down of the van. I didnt know was THEM. I was like BLUR and suddenly my friends wave at them and i was like " SARANGHAE SARANGHAE to a GUY and HE FASTER SARANGHAE BACK"  SO LUCKY AND AWESOME. GOOD EXPERIENCE. I LOVE IT. GONNA STALK AGAIN ~~~~~ So tomorrow going to queue for Sundown Festival. HOPE NIEL CAN SEE MY PAPER and GUN ME BACK. HOPE HE REMEMBER ME <3 


This is NIEL from Teentop that GUN ME DOWN !!


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